Ridge Marone Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Ronn Moss (1987-2012)

Thorsten Kaye (2013-)

Current status Alive
Duration 1987—2012,2013-
First appearance March 23, 1987
Last appearance still on show
Created by William J. Bell
Gender Male
Born January 28, 1957
Age 56
Occupation Fashion designer


Residence Forrester Mansion, 369 Willow Hill Road
"We've been creating our art, and the world has accepted it. And you, Ridge, you're the glue. We cannot do it without you. "
—Eric to Ridge
Ridge Forrester is one of the original four characters of the series. He is the son of the Forrester matriach Stephanie Forrester (née Douglas) and Eric Forrester.

He has become well known for being torn between Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes. Their love triangle spanned over a decade, though Ridge would come to choose the woman he met first, Brooke. The two have one child together, R.J. Forrester, although Ridge has three children with Taylor, the beautiful Steffy, the deceased Phoebe, and Forrester Creations Vice President Thomas Forrester. Ridge also married the virginal heiress Caroline Spencer in 1990, although the marriage would not last. He ultimately remained with Brooke, the true love of his life. He worked at Forrester Creations for twenty five years.

Ridge has since left Brooke, and currently resides in Paris. It has implied that he has a designing job there. He has been visited by daughter Steffy.


Forrester Creations and engagement

"Ridge Forrester, L.A.'s most eligible bachelor. Remote. Aloof. After everything I have heard and read about you, I would never have believed that you would get married. I would have bet anything that you wouldn't."
—Caroline to Ridge
Ridge was born on January 28, 1957 to Eric and Stephanie Forrester, the founders of fashion company Forrester Creations. He was somewhat of a womanizer, and shocked the world when he got engaged to heiress Caroline Spencer. He pressured Caroline for sex often, although she refused to sleep with him until they were married. This caused somewhat of a strain on their relationship, although they ended up getting married in 1990. Ridge was a talented designer and worked for FC. He criticised Eric's new line, claiming it was not sexy enough and women wouldn't like it.

Just before the wedding, Ridge slept with another woman and Caroline collapsed at the isle. Caroline then married Ridge's brother Thorne, while Ridge started romancing Brooke Logan. Caroline and Ridge retain their love for each other, and return to be together. Caroline died of leukemia, and her dying wish was for Ridge to be with Brooke. However, Ridge married Caroline's oncologist Taylor Hayes. Brooke and Taylor clashed from the start, due to Brooke's lack of respect for their relationship and her scheming to get Ridge back. Taylor was presumed dead in a plane crash, although Brooke was then engaged to James Warwick. Ridge crashed the wedding, marrying Brooke. Taylor then turned up alive, though Ridge was with Brooke by then. He chose Brooke because of the children, but returned to Taylor, to whom he was still legally married.