Phoebe Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by MacKenzie Mauzy
Current status Deceased
Duration 1999–2008
First appearance September 21, 1999
Last appearance December 9, 2008
Cause/reason Character was killed off
Created by Bradley Bell
Gender Female
Born September 21
Died December 9, 2008
Cause of death Car accident
Occupation Model


Residence Deceased

Phoebe Forrester was the daughter of Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes. She was the fraternal twin sister of Steffy, and the younger sister of Thomas. She was a model at Forrester Creations and was an aspiring singer. In 2008, Phoebe ventured into a romance with Rick Forrester, who later cheated on her.

Following her parents' divorce, Phoebe and her sister Steffy chose to go to boarding school in order to be independent. Phoebe returned in 2006, and while her aunt Darla assisted her with a flat tire, Darla was run down by a drunken Taylor. Shortly after this tragedy, Phoebe began to date Rick.

After discovering Rick's affair, Phoebe broke things off. A chain of events, namely Rick's seduction of Phoebe's mother and sister, led to an argument between Rick and Phoebe, during which he lost control of the car and crashed. Phoebe died in her father's arms at the site.

Since her death, Phoebe has been mentioned, mostly by Steffy and Taylor. Steffy states she still misses Phoebe, while Taylor once opened up about how she lost her daughter. Rick has since moved on, having dated Caroline Spencer and romancing Maya Avant.

Phoebe and Steffy were initially meant to be indentical sisters, but after twin actresses no longer portrayed them, they were changed to fraternal twins. The two were very close. Phoebe was close to her brother as well.

After Phoebe's death, Thomas made several attempts on Rick's life to avenge her. Despite this, none of the Forrester family members tried incriminating Rick over the loss of Phoebe. The character of Phoebe was soap opera aged, to the point that she was seventeen only seven years after her on-screen birth.


Early Life

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