William Spencer III
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Scott Clifton
Current status Alive
First appearance July 19, 2010
Last appearance Still on the show
Created by Bradley Bell
Nickname(s) Liam
Gender Male
Occupation Editor of Eye on Fashion

William "Liam" Spencer III is the son of Bill Spencer. He is the President of Spencer Publications and Vice President of Forresters Creations . Similarly to Ridge, Liam has become well known for being torn between his ex wife Steffy, and ex girlfriend and wife Hope Logan. Their love triangle has been considered as being a repeat of Ridge, Brooke and Taylor's.

After the death of his mother Kelly Hopkins, Liam, who was then Liam Cooper, comes to Los Angeles & is seeking his biological father, who he has never met or known. He meets Hope Logan, who leaves her boyfriend Oliver Jones in favour of Liam. They begin a romance and it results in Liam proposing. The marriage never comes to pass.

Liam then starts to court Steffy Forrester, and proposes to her. They marry, and separate when Liam leaves Steffy for Hope. This starts the love triangle that has spanned ever since. Liam fluctuates between them, before it comes to a halt when Steffy is expecting Liam's child. Liam returns to his fluctuating ways shortly after. He kisses Hope.

He is often regarded as a kind and compassionate person, although he is criticised by his father for not being "manly" enough. Liam was once thought to be the father of Marcus Forrester's daughter Rosie, mothered by Amber Moore, Rick Forrester's ex wife.

Liam's jobs at Spencer Publications have varied. He initially worked as a computer technician before becoming an editor. Liam now has a prominent role there. He has assisted Steffy Forrester with various computer problems.

The legality of Hope and Liam's marriage was disputed as it was in Italy and did not require a marriage license. Hope dumped Liam after discovering his night out with Steffy before their wedding, and while Liam tried to get Hope back many times, he later settled with Steffy.

Liam is often pushed by his father to be "more of a man". Bill was disgusted by Liam's grovelling to Hope, and has physically encouraged his son to be more man-like. Liam has been coerced into doing things he did not want to do, such as smoking cigars, to fit Bill's image of a real man.


Early Life