Dayzee Leigh
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Kristolyn Lloyd
Current status Alive
First appearance October 7, 2010
Last appearance Still on the show
Created by Bradley Bell
Introduced by Bradley Bell
Nickname(s) Zee (Marcus Forrester)
Gender Female
Occupation Café owner

Street vendor

Dayzee Forrester (née Leigh) is the owner of café Dayzee's. She is the wife of Marcus Forrester, and was a close friend of the late Stephanie Forrester. She dated Thomas Forrester, but ended their relationship shortly after becoming aware of the scandal concerning Brooke Logan. Before opening her coffeehouse and marrying above her social rank, Dayzee worked at a shelter and helped place people into adoptive homes. She rehomed Maya Avant's daughter, which later ended tragically. Dayzee initially kept this secret from Marcus, but he later discovered her adoption papers, forcing Dayzee to be honest.

Before becoming a Forrester, Dayzee was poor and weaved her way into the family after befriending Stephanie. She was the one who convinced Stephanie to undergo treatment. Dayzee is one of the few people in the series not involved at Forrester Creations.



Dayzee was poor and worked at a shelter, despite her own poverty. In 2010, she met Stephanie Forrester.